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‘Mastering Earned Media’: insights from O&U’s open mic Q&A

by The 100 Companies

OnWrd & UpWrd’s latest open mic Q&A, “Mastering Earned Media for Associations,” offered a deep dive into effective media strategies for associations. Highlights included crafting narratives that resonate, personalizing pitches, innovative follow-up techniques and the strategic use of Letters to the Editor.

Attendees explored storytelling for industry advancements, building meaningful trade publication relationships and employing modern metrics for measuring PR success. The discussions also delved into multiple practical strategies for leveraging digital platforms to extend reach and engagement, underscoring the evolving landscape of earned media where traditional and new media channels converge to amplify an association’s voice in a crowded marketplace.

Colleen Lerro Gallagher, President & CEO, OnWrd & UpWrd

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