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‘Revolutionizing Licensure: NCARB’s Innovative Approaches’

by The 100 Companies

In our recent Association 100 podcast episode, I sat down with Mike Armstrong, CEO, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. Armstrong shares NCARB’s forward-thinking initiatives aimed at modernizing the licensure process with a focus on inclusivity and technology.

Key highlights:

Leadership philosophy – Balancing regulatory rigor with user-centric policies.

Data-driven decisions – Using demographic data to address unconscious bias.

Technological advancements – Leveraging remote proctoring and AI for streamlined licensing.

Policy changes – Retiring restrictive policies to accommodate diverse career paths.

Future goals – Redesigning the licensure path with a new competency framework.

Join us for actionable insights into transforming licensure processes and enhancing inclusivity.

Colleen Lerro Gallagher, President & CEO, OnWrd & UpWrd

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